Camp Regen

Youth Camp

Camp Regeneration is the High School Summer Camp hosted by John MacArthur and Grace Community Church on the campus in Glorieta, New Mexico for powerful expository preaching, Christ-centered music, intense team games, various outdoor activities, small-group discipleship, and purposeful fellowship. The ultimate goal of Camp Regeneration is to see students come to salvation in Jesus Christ and grow in the knowledge of Him.

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Camp Regen


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Our Pacific Hope Church Youth Group has pre-registered to obtain the best pricing for our students, who have already made a nonrefundable deposit on their registration fees.  The full cost for each student is $675, including group transportation.

You can help offset the cost to our students and their families by making a donation of any amount.

Please keep this camp in your prayers! We are praying that the Lord will use it as a pivotal time in the lives of our youth.