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Fall News and Updates

Watch this web page and the Sunday bulletin to find out about our next studies, beginning in January, 2021!


Women's Tuesday Night Study

The Tuesday evening group has concluded our formal study of "The Power of Christian Contentment" by Andrew Davis.  But for the sake of those who may have recommended this study or given away a copy of the book to others, we'll leave our description posted below, along with the study questions/workbook.  

If you missed the study, please don't let that keep you from ordering a book and using the link to download questions here.  

Book Description

"It may surprise modern Christians that our current problems with discontentedness are anything but new.  In 1643, Puritan pastor Jeremiah Burroughs wrote a work titled "The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment" that has as much resonance in our day as it did in his.

Now, pastor and author Andrew M. Davis helps contemporary Christians rediscover the remarkable truths found in this largely forgotten work.  With powerful new illustrations and a keen sense of all that makes modern Christians restless, Davis challenges readers to confront the sources of discontent in their lives and embrace Paul's teaching on contentment in all circumstances. He gives special attention to maintaining contentment through poverty and prosperity, as well as in our marriages, and offers tips on teaching children how to be content in an age of smartphones and social media."

Table of Contents


Chapters One & Two

A Rare Jewel in a Discontented World

Paul Teaches the Secret of Christian Contentment

Chapters Three & Four

The Definition of Christian Contentment

Contentment and Providence

Chapters Five & Six

The Mysterious Mindset of Contentment

How Christ Teaches Contentment

Chapters Seven & Eight

The Excellence of Christian Contentment

The Evils and Excuses of a Complaining Heart

Chapter Nine

Contentment in Suffering

Chapter Ten

Contentment in Prosperity

Chapters Eleven & Twelve

Contentment Is Not Complacency

How to Attain and Protect Contentment


Women's Wednesday Morning Study

Join us as we finish the last two sessions in our study of A.W. Pink's book, "The Attributes of God."  Our final session will be Wednesday, November11.  Study questions are posted for download (below) every two weeks as they become available. Please contact Ruthann ruthannschroeder@hotmail.com for information or to sign up and receive study questions.

Questions will also be posted here for download as they become available.

Study Questions - Week 1

Study Questions - Week 2

Study Questions - Week 3

Study Questions - Week 4

Study Questions - Week 5

Study Questions - Week 6

Study Questions - Week 7

Study Questions - Week 8

Study Questions - Week 9 Plus Additional Reading: Lovingkindess of God

Study Questions - Week 10

Book Description

The Attributes of God has become a Christian classic in our time. Unlike other more devotional treatments, Pink considers the biblical evidence for each of God’s attributes and gives in-depth insight into His character and very nature. The reader leaves each chapter both exalting God and better understanding “Him with whom we have to do.”  Attributes considered include God's decrees, knowledge, supremacy, sovereignty, immutability, holiness, power, faithfulness, goodness, patience, grace, mercy, love, and wrath.


Arthur W. Pink was born in Nottingham, England in 1886, and born again of the Spirit of God in 1908. He studied at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, USA, and pastored churches in Colorado, California, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Sidney, Australia. In 1934, He returned to his native land, England, and in 1940 took up permanent residence on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, remaining there until his death twelve years later in 1952.


Women of Hope, the Women's Ministry of Pacific Hope Church, is part of the entire discipleship ministry of Pacific Hope Church.  Under the direction and oversight of the Elders, Women of Hope is led by a team of women who meet regularly for the sake of accountability, leadership development, prayer, and planning.  We exist to encourage and equip women to think and live according to the Word of God. Our desire is that every woman would know Christ personally and fulfill the Lord's requirement “to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with our God.” (Micah 6:8).

Foundations of Hope

Based on the mandate found in Titus 2, Women of Hope launched a mentoring ministry in January 2015. The aim of this ministry is to equip women in these four foundational areas:

  • Walk: Personal Bible study and prayer
  • Home: Being busy at home as a single, wife and/or mom
  • Doctrine: Spiritual life and biblical womanhood
  • Fellowship: Hospitality and mentoring other women.

Through monthly small group meetings, mentors help women establish relationships with other women, learn to think Biblically, apply Biblical principles to relationships and circumstances, grow in godliness, and grow in their love for and service to the church.


Because these groups involve progressive teaching and mentoring, sign-ups are limited to the beginning of each two-year cycle.  We currently have no start date scheduled for 2020, but if you are interested in the next session, please email info@pacifichope.com.