Pacific Hope Missions

As expressed in Our Mission, we desire to take the good news of Jesus Christ out into our communities and spheres of influence (school, work, and everyday life) as we proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, we endeavor to extend beyond our local borders and think globally as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission.


God led our members, Ray and Peggy Warwick, to move to Zambia, Africa in February 2013, where Ray held a faculty position at African Christian University (ACU). Ray has a great deal of experience as an educator and also has been involved with Equipping Leaders International (ELI) for many years. Since Peggy’s and Ray’s return to the States, we continue to contribute support for Ray’s various mission trips with ELI, as he lends his wisdom and experience in teaching and equipping local Christian educators. Click here to read about more about Ray's and Peggy's work with ELI. Click HERE for the latest newsletter from Ray and Peggy.


In addition to backing the Warwicks, we have been able to partner with Dr. Stephen Van Horn, Founder and President of International Training and Equipping Ministries (ITEM) Ministries. ITEM is earnestly contending for the faith, providing previously untrained pastors with a biblical and theological foundation, training African trainers who will then be able to train others on their own. Currently with ongoing ministries in ten African countries. Dr. Van Horn makes three trips to Africa each year and does training in two to three countries during each trip. Pastor John Leeder has accompanied Dr. Van Horn to Mwanza, Tanzania and Rwanda to assist in teaching and preaching.


There is no doubt this only scratches the surface of the mission field. We have seen God move in the hearts of many people in our church over the years, relocating with families to Honduras, Mexico, and Germany to follow the Lord's call to serve and further the Gospel. 


While there are numerous organizations, causes, and charities that exist with which to associate, we are thankful for the opportunities the Lord has provided for Pacific Hope Church to partner with these  specific ministries in Africa.