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Fall-Winter, 2018-2019

Pacific Hope Home Fellowship Groups will begin a new study in Foundations of Grace, 1400 BC - AD 100: A Long Line of Godly Men by Steven J. Lawson. 


Study Questions


"Understanding the doctrines of grace provides a clearer picture of God’s sovereignty, mercy, and majesty. From the lawgiver Moses to the Apostle John, and from the early church fathers to modern defenders of the faith, there has marched onto the stage of human history a long line of godly men, a triumphant parade of spiritual stalwarts who have upheld the doctrines of grace.

"In this book, Dr. Steven J. Lawson takes readers on a heart-stirring survey of the Scriptures and their teaching on God’s way of salvation. Lawson demonstrates that far from being a sixteenth century invention, the doctrines of grace are the clear teaching of the Bible in its entirety. From Genesis to Revelation, the Scriptures declare the message of God’s sovereign grace in salvation."

For more information, email info@pacifichope.com

Pacific Hope Church (PHC) has several Home Fellowship groups—small groups that meet throughout the week. These groups are one of the ways you and your family can develop the deeper friendships you need to truly connect to the Body and grow together in Christ. Our groups meet throughout the San Diego area and vary in composition and demographics.  Each group has its own time and meeting place, gathering in area homes throughout the week. Home Fellowships are designed to provide a close-knit group for fellowship, prayer, and Bible study.


Fellowship group leaders play an important role in creating an environment for people to converse, grow as followers of Christ, and become equipped to evangelize others who do not know Jesus. For this reason, we make a concerted effort to appoint individuals who are qualified and committed to a position of leadership within our home group ministry. 


Wednesdays, 6:30 pm - Clairemont

(Note: Childcare is not available at this group.)

Leader: Cody White  cmwhite17@gmail.com | 619-247-8088

Host: Randy & Cindy White

460streak1@gmail.com | 858-461-7704



Wednesdays, 7:00pm - El Cajon

Leader: Rob Adrain

radrainjr21712@gmail.com | 619-201-4881 

Host: Rob & Kristin Adrain


Pacific Hope Church is one of the San Diego Churches that offers home fellowship groups throughout San Diego County. 

For more information please email info@pacifichope.com